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1The furthest distance in the world Is not all of the above,but using one s indifferent heart To dig an uncrossable river For the one who loves you ңԶľ,ĮģΪˣھһ޷Խĺ蹵19hings will come to you as it is planned for youThe firmer you grip,the easier you loseWe ve tried and cherished,we have a clear conscienceLet the fate take care of the rest ģġԽǽգԽʧȥŬˣϧˣģˡ

SN_NP8TP6Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen Keep in the sunlightҪȥԤջĿԶᷢ顣ĵ֮аɣƱƽ̨ô

Ʊƽ̨ô17I m a dreamer and when I wake, you can t break my spirit it s my dreams you take ǸңѵʱҲƻҵľߵģֻҵ14Silence is the best answer for all questions Smiling is the best reaction in all situationsĬӦѴ,΢ЦµѷӦ

5The reason why people worry are four sentences:you don t let go,you can t bear,you don t see through and you can t forget˵ķղ4仰Ų£벻͸ˣҪȥԤջĿԶᷢ顣ĵ֮аɣƱƽ̨ô


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